Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please, I Want The Job

I think my job interview went pretty good. I have to say the offices are set in a beautiful wooded area. There is a lake with a fountain in it. It looks almost like the buildlng were built around the landscape keeping as much of the nature intact. I felt like I was in a park or something.

There was an aptitude test to take and it was kind of dumb. There were questions asking what words were opposite or similar. They did phrases like that too. There was the inevitable math question that lost me after the third word. Those questions went something like this: "If you are selling bubble gum and you make 1.68 cent in one hour and sold 7 pieces, how much money would you make in 7 hours if you should 20 pieces? WTF? Skip. Yeah--thats what I did, I skipped it because it wasnt even multiple choice so there wasnt even a chance at a guess. Which I thought sucked. I made it through high school guessing multiple choice. I did great on the typing test. I hit 65 wpm which I dont think is bad on an unfamiliar keyboard. I had 98% accuracy.

After this I was sent down to the building where I would be working if I got hired. I had to get back in my car and drive to this building. Now mind you, these parking lots are a bit of a walk. You actually walk a stone pathway through a wooded area to get from the parking lot to the building. It is kinda nice but I am sure rainy days are a drag. And I also thought about snakes. There is bound to be snakes. I liked the building where I went to interview with the managers of my department. I say my department because I want the job and I plan to get the job so I am already thinking of it as my job. They are just going through the motions of interviewing others to put on a equal opportunity hiring thingy. These ladies were very nice and we talked for some time. The job is customer service handling problems on subscriptions for magazines sold through Amazon.com. I thought it sounded kinda cool.

This week I should get a callback for a second interview. During the second interview I will actually be shown the computer system and even do a few problems. This is where I get to dazzle them with my brilliance. They will probably want to keep me all day just to get them caught up on their work. Im just that good.

All jokes aside, I think for all my not wanting to work in an office setting again or not wanting to work for corporate America again, I am ready to go back. I am ready to sit in cubicle land all day and answer phones. I am ready to make more money and work less. I am ready for paid vacations and sick days. I am ready for medical, dental and vision insurance. I am ready to be able to decide if I want to work 2 jobs rather than having no choice. I am ready for a Monday through Friday gig.

Im just ready.

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thecoconutdiaries said...

GOOD LUCK! Any updates on the job??