Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter With Family-Priceless

I hope everybody had a great Easter! I know I did. I was actually off from work and totally happy about that. The plan was to spend it with Amber, Ken and the kids. Of course. What else would I do? What else would I WANT to do?

I loaded up the easter basket I had made for them and headed that way. I think they turned out really cute for homeade--especially since I am far from crafty. We had a great time. I stopped by KFC and got a chicken finger family meal for lunch. It was really good, and much better than cooking. Besides, I knew it was unlikely Amber would cook. She had already hinted at a burger from McDonald's. I thought not.

Anyway, we hunted eggs, we swang on the swing. We played with the goat. We just hung out in the yard and had a really nice time. The weather was great, this was a relief since it has rained 40 days and 40 nights down here.

Kenzy and Owen both picked up on the egg hunting. They were so excited every time they found an egg. They would run from place to place leaving no stone unturned. After it was over Kenzy announced that she thought it was a really great game to play.

This picture is Owen taking over both easter baskets. He said he was going "home." He likes to go home. But he was home. So I dont have a clue what he meant.

Kenzy ate enough candy to kill herself.

Owen swinging--he was still in his easter clothes here. He was loving that swing.

This is me and Kenzy--it was supposed to be a picture of us kissing but she kissed fast and Amber clicked slow. Why was Owen in my lap? Because he doesnt sit in people's laps. That's how he roles. He also doesnt kiss--you are honored if you get an "air kiss."

We tried to get a really nice picture of them together sitting sweetly. Didnt happen. Shortly after these last two pictures were made they took to hiding behind the bushes and laughed at us.

I wouldnt take anything for days like this one. It makes life worthwhile.


Denise said...

Ok first of all, lets tell everyone how the goat tried to ram you in the ass. Secondly I think that the pic of you is awesome. Probably my fave so far. Happy Easter bunny Day!

Denise said...

Oh and one more thing.... When I asked you if Amber was going to cook you laughed your ass off. How was i to know that she wanted Mcdonalds instead?

Lynnbug said...

Yes--the goat did try to ram my ass! It was funny! And Ken wants me to take the goat and keep him! I said Hell no! I got enough problems without some animal trying to run up my butt all the time.

Denise said...

Run up my butt haha!