Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you wonder where I am you can find me here.

I am such a kid at heart. I am very easily amused. I get obssessed very easily. Right now my obssession with Facebook has turned into an obssession with the application Mafia Wars. I think I mentioned this in a prior post. Bt let me tell you, this obssession has gotten worse. I spend nearly every waking moment that I have free with my laptop open playing Mafia Wars. I multi-task very well. If Im talking to a friend I am most likely still playing Mafia Wars behind the scenes.

In the past two weeks I have gotten 740 mafia members, which means I have 740 Facebook friends - but really I have more because I have my family and friends on there too. I forget about them. I dont even use Facebook for that anymore. Dont even try to IM me becase I cant talk to you, I am busy fighting the good fight of a Mafia clan member. I have so many important duties that I cant talk to you or comment on the pretty pictures you have posted or drink the drink you have passed me. Much less go Easter egg hunting! (BTW, when will that end?) Speaking of more important work, I have become a member of an online Mafia War clan called The Dark Side Mafia--DSM for short. DSM is also our "tag" so other groups will recognize us and have the fear of God instilled in them should they touch one of us. Because if you do we will attack and rob you mercilessly and leave you crying on the floor int he corner of your closet. I have been promoted to weapons distributor for the clan. I fight for them and try to protect every member of the clan that is under me. The head of our clan is getting hate mail about me. And I am proud. My name in this clan is ]o[DSM[o]ClaudiaCorinthos. If you see me run for your life.

By the way, did I tell you I'm 49 years old in August? I am a grown woman that works two jobs and this is what I do with my spare time. This is what it has come to. This, this-THING I cant stop doing.

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Hide.. Literally! said...

I've heard it's very addictive. I've never tried playing but no matter your age, or my age for that matter as long as we love what we do - nothing else matters! Have a great week sunshine..