Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mail Box Surpirse

It sure has been a long week. I have worked long hours and I have been really tired. Some days I wonder why things have to be so hard. Some days I am grateful to be working. I think it is the day in and day out grind of things that can sometimes get me down. Plus the fact that I fight depression a lot. That doesnt help.

But what does help is when you go to your mail box and there is something very sweet and over the top and you realize that the people in your life make everything worth while. Denise and I met through a love for General Hospital. On a online message board. From day one we connected and enjoyed our beloved soap together. We would laugh and make fun of the actors and writers. We had our favorites. But then we got to know each other and it has been a truly great friendship. We have never met face to face but it doesnt seem to affect our friendship.

Denise sent me a beautiful card and she hand wrote the message inside. I just smiled really big when I saw the card in the mailbox. Besides her note (which was more than enough) was her General Hospital pin. She has obviously had it FOREVER. And she gave it to me. Such a small gesture that meant a lot. It picked me up and made me smile.

I even laughed out loud.

One day when I have money and time--Im going to knock on her door. Watch out California.


Linda said...

That is really awesome, Lynn. And you know what? She's much better in person...(seriously)you have a lot to look forward to. Get your ass to Cali!!

Denise said...

The pleasure was all mine. I have had that button since I was in high school. I made sure that when I moved I kept it in a box for safe keeping just for you.
You have touched my life more then you will ever know, and I am so grateful.
How many times have you listened to me cry and moan? So seriously it was the very least that I could do. Oh and Linda's right.... I am much better in person, because sometimes the phone just isn't enough.
Love you.