Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am Such A Neglectful Blogger These Days

I have totally been neglecting my blogging duties. But I went so long with nothing but the same old same old happening. My life is very predictable. There is some good news--I got a full time position at Wal-Mart. I never thought I would say that full time at Wal-Mart is a good thing. But, at least now I will get benefits and a full check. The down side could be that I will work more. But I think it is going to work out that I work less everyday. I mean, I wont work both jobs everyday. Which is kind of a good thing.

Speaking of both jobs, I have had to cut my time back at the office. I wont go into any specifics, but I think this full time job is not allowing me to be flexible enough for the office. So it may turn out that they hire someone else. If that happens I will be strapped for money until the car is paid off, but hell, it pays out in August. The first week of August as a matter of fact. I think my bosses are finding out that the less I work, the more they have to. Lets dont mention that I got pissed about my pay. After working many times over my scheduled work hours, the first week I worked 2 hours less than normal, they cut my pay. I have since let them know how I feel about it. I got no response and I know they think they are right and I am wrong. The bottom line is I will no longer do favors beyond my duties. No longer. So when that garbage bill of mine comes in I am going to ask for half of it from them. Because they use my garbage pick up rather than buying their own. Never have I asked for a dime toward the bill. I am a vengeful bitch. I truly am. I also will not be answering the phone for them to ask me questions after I get off from work and I am resting peacefully in my bed. So dont call. I also will not come in one minute before 8:30 am and I will not work 1 minute past 1:00 pm. Dont ask. I will not go on errands to get your lunch every day. Dont ask. What I will do is my job. I will do it well. That is it. If they need to hire someone else, they have my blessing.

So there goes that rant. There is a lot more to it, Denise knows the whole story. If I tell it again, I will only getting madder than I already am. So I will drop it with those words above and let it go at that.

On a lighter note, I went to visit the babies the other day. Soon I will not be able to call them babies because they are growing up really fast. I had bought them the video Monsters, Inc. I had never seen it and I dont think they had either. So we gathered up to watch it. At one point something funny happened and I laughed out loud. So the babies laughed. I got to noticing every time I laughed they would laugh hysterically. Its was totally funny! I decided to test their laugh machine. I would laugh for no reason. Nothing funny. They would laugh HYSTERICALLY just because I was! So it got funnier because I was laughing at them. Soon we werent even watching the movie, we were just laughing!

Arent babies so cool?


thecoconutdiaries said...

Congrats on the being full-time AND for setting boundaries in the office. You go girl!

Denise said...

I am so glad that you stuck up for yourself. I know how much it was bothering you. I think that you are doing the right thing. Fuck em!

Linda said...

Monsters Inc is one of my favorite movies!! (Ella calls it "Monsters Inky")

Congrats on the job front!