Monday, June 8, 2009

I Swear I Will Never Marry Again

It has been said that common law marriage doesn't mean a thing in Alabama. That common law marriage is useless and doesnt mean anything and it is not valid. Well, I learned just the opposite Thursday of last week. What I learned was that maybe common law marriage isnt valid unless it benefits the State of Alabama. Maybe.

Last Thursday at 8:00 am I got out of the shower to my dog barking like crazy and my phone ringing. I grabbed the phone and it was my boss calling to say the sheriff was on his way down to my house. Obviously he was already there because the dog was going nuts So there I am naked, dog barking and very confused as to why the sheriff was soon to be at my door. That is to say if he got by the dog.

The sheriff had a letter to deliver to me. An important one I supposed to myself since he was delivering it and not the post office. It was addressed to Lynn Jolly, a name I have never carried. This is Jeff's last name. It informed me that as of May 21, 2009 my wages would be garnished for income taxes due the State of Alabama. Very to the point except I dont owe any taxes to the State of Alabama!

After a call to the State, I was advised that in 2006 Jeff owed the State of Alabama $200.00 in income tax. They had been trying to reach me and him and they had no success. Not sure why they couldnt find me, but I know why they couldnt find Jeff. He doesnt have any known addresses because he lives a stealth mode so no one can find him. Since they cant find him, and since we had previously filed together as married the 3 years before, I am tied to him as married and I, therefore, will be paying the taxes owed to the State!


What's more its a done deal. The amount of $382.00 will be taken out of my check until its paid plus any other interest that accrues. At 25% of my gross pay. I dont make that much money. I can not afford this.

Too bad so sad the State of Alabama says.

So dont let anyone tell you that a common law marriage is not valid in the State of Alabama. I just found out I am legally married and I am not a happy wife.


Denise said...

I was shocked and speechless when you told me this. We don't have that here. Did you find out what they will be taking out of your check each week? Love you girlie.

Lynnbug said...

This past week the State got 175.00 plus change off the top of my check.

Denise said...


Hide.. Literally! said...

I would be livid - as you are I'm sure. I'd have to hunt down the husband and let him know how I feel about the relationship! I'm so sorry Lynn, laws like this are ridiculous and old school!! You are in my thoughts!!

thecoconutdiaries said...

Holy shit! That's crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, the fact that you have the same everyday bullshit drama as my girlfriends and I here gets me thru the day. Nice to know I'm not alone out there, please don't stop blogging,

Anonymous said...

if their logic works, it seems like you should be common law divorced now since you have not lived together for X years... Jackie