Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning Curves

I have been living on the farm for almost 9 months. It really seems like forever, until I do something to prove Im new at this.

We have chickens, lots of chickens and they are mostly located up the street with some of the other horses. We used to have a lot here at the house, but with the garden we moved most of them except for a couple. Chickens love to eat the garden. Chickens love to eat most anything, even other chickens.

So I was out gathering eggs the other day. I got 14 from the backyard and 22 from up the street. I was so impressed! Not bad for a days work. I did pause and question the 14 from the backyard and then just assumed no one had gotten any in the last few days. But I was one proud lady about those eggs. Yes. What a productive bunch of chickens.

Lester came home and the eggs I had gotten from up the street were on the kitchen table. So the discussion began about how many eggs I had gathered that day. When I told him 14 from the backyard he just looked at me. Then he said where in the backyard? Well, from under the awning of the red shed you silly boy! He then informed me that the chicken had been sitting on those eggs for about two weeks. They were about ready to hatch.


He asked where they were and I had to tell him they had been in the fridge all day.

Another Ooops.

Eggs no good. Baby chicken embryo dead. Eggs in trash can. Chicken outside sitting on golf balls. Took eggs from up the street and put under chicken. Eggs most likely wont hatch. Distraught chicken mother.

Another day on the farm.

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