Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Culture Can Go A Long Way

When I moved in with Lester I also moved in with his roommate. He is from El Salvador. He speaks very little English but we get by pretty well. I have come to realize that third world countries do things a lot differently. One of them is how they look at food.

Armadillos to be exact.

We have a lovely huge garden. It attracts a lot of wildlife.

One evening I came home late from work. In the metal barrell outside a horrible noise was coming from the inside of it. REALLY loud. I couldnt imagine what was there but when I went into the house I allerted Alvarro and he told me it was an Armadillo.

My first thought was why in the world did he put it in the can while it was alive. My next thought was I was going to have to listen to the thrashing all night. A little irritating but around here you roll with the flow. I mean there had to be a reason for this - there always was.

The next day the Armadillo was gone and so was Alvarro. Hmmmmm. I asked Lester about this deal and he told me the Armadillo was eating the garden and Alvarro had taken the Armadillo to his friends house and it was going to be dinner.


Did you know there are actually recipes for cooking armadillo?

Yes. Yes there are.

I can prove it.

Armadillo Tacos

~ 2 armadillos, cleaned, skinned and cut into small pieces
~ salt
~ pepper
~ oil
~ corn tortillas
~ salsa or pico de gallo
~ your favorite taco toppings, cheese, lettuce, etc.

In a large "cazo" (outdoor cooking pot) or dutch oven, heat a small amount of oil. Add the meat and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Cook until done stirring as needed.

Remove and drain.

Serve on corn tortillas with your favorite taco toppings.


See I told you so.

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