Monday, May 31, 2010

Momma came to visit this weekend. She stayed 4 days and this was her first trip to see where I live.

We had a great time. The first night we went out to eat and had Margaritas at the Mexican restaurant. Momma likes Margaritas a lot. Then after dinner we went up and she got to see the little ponies and Gracie's baby. The baby didnt disappoint. She put on a little show. She has started wanting to eat Sweet feed and she put her head in the bucket and got it hung around her neck. She ran and bucked and carried on like the devil trying to get that bucket off. After we all got done laughing we caught her and took it off. Now she wont go near a bucket! It was really funny to watch her.

The next evening we cooked out. I grilled pork chops and ribs and weenies. In the south, you never crank up a grill and not put weenies on it. No matter what. We also had corn on the cob, slaw and cantaloupe salad. It was really good. We sat on the front porch and mother told stories about the past. How things were when she was growing up and how me and my brothers were when we were growing up. I think Lester could have talked to her all night.

Friday and Saturday me and Lester worked on the dog pen and put an electric fence around the bottom of it. They always dig out. Mother sat and watched us and watched the chickens all day. She also swatted a lot of flies. For some reason she liked that and I havent figured that one out till yet. It was really hot working on that fence but after we got it done it was worth it. The little dogs had to figure out that they couldnt go under the fence. Now THAT was funny! They would try and try and try to go under and every time they would get popped. And then they would yell and run around the yard like they were getting murdered. I think they finally figured out that they cant get out. They stay about 4 feet from that fence at all times. Now Orsso, the big lab, he knows. He knew the minute it was turned on. He has had a lot of experience with electric fences and he just went under the shed and would not come out. He stayed there all day and when he does come out he keeps his head and body low to the ground. He does his business and eats a bite and goes back under the shed. Im sure in a couple days these dogs will return to normal, but until then we have a bunch of really quiet dogs.

Sunday we took Momma home. Lester drove us in his new Volkswagen bug. He is so proud of that thing. It doesnt have much trunk space so I had to ride in the back with Mothers walker. Kinda cramped I might add. Ninethy miles one way of cramped. But we got her home and she told us that this was one of the best times she had ever had.

Im glad she had fun. Mother will be 85 this year. She deserves as many good times as we can give her. We plan to bring her back in August or September. I think she is already counting the days and planning what she will wear.

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