Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Day Off

Up at 4:30 am. Then off to the Mountain Top Flea Market by 5:00 am.

A long ride there with Lester and his kids. We walked and shopped. After about an hour of walking through the flea market everything began to look the same. Puppies for sale, socks for sale, ugly framed pictures (my personal favorite a man and a women lounging on a couch while he fed her strawberries. Everyone wants one of those.), veggies for sale. There was car parts, locks, nuts, bolt, purses, panties, bras, junk, junk and more junk. I bought 3 navy blue tee-shirts for work, diabetic socks, candied jalapeno peppers from the Amish and lots of big huge tomatoes grown in Alabama. We rode 2 hours for these treasures when all could have been bought in a 10 minute drive. But it is the adventure that counts.

And I sweated. Buckets.

Then back home by 11:00 am.

Off to the grocery store and then back home to prepare lunch which consisted of hamburgers, fries and I ate some of my candied jalapeno peppers. Yum!

Then back off to the store to get a hose pipe (or water hose if you prefer) and back home and we washed 3 cars.

And I sweated. Buckets. (Lester kindly sprayed me down with the hose pipe. I loved it.)

Next set of chores:

1. Feed the chickens, gather the eggs.
2. Feed Gracie the old bread. She loves that crap and she wouldnt accept it when it was gone. She followed me for the next 20 minutes nudging me with her nose wanting more. She got in my way but I would not have it any other way. gotta watch her though, she almost accidentally stepped on my feet. BTW-Gracie is my fav miniature pony we have.
3. Feed the dogs and fill up the swimming pool for them. And dont forget the ducks and their pool, I filled it too.

And I sweated. Buckets.

After a smoke break I picked the garden. Green beans, squash, cucumbers and peppers.
Tomorrow the peas will be ready and the green beans will need to be picked again. The garden is an everyday thing once it starts coming in.

And I sweated. Buckets.

After the garden I had to snap the green beans, and put the other veggies away. I got 4 quarts of green beans put away in the freezer. As Grandmother would say, "These sure will be good this winter."

And I sweated. Buckets.

I lost track of the timeline people. I finally got into my room and writing this blog at 10:00 pm. Im tired and dehydrated.

Go figure.

This was my day off work. No rest for the weary.

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