Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Broke My Foot

Yes, I broke my foot. Crazy and painful. The next time I decide to go running after a horse that was doing something it wasnt supposed to do, I will think twice about it.

I step in a hole and rolled about 4 times. I knew immediately my foot was broken. One--I heard it pop. Two--the pain was horrific. I was really in a bad dilemma. I was laying on the ground, covered in sweat and dirt, no cell phone, home alone and a long way from the house. So I cried. For a little while anyway. I figure what the hell, just take a moment and cry. You entitled to it.

My pony Gracie has got to be the sweetest, gentlest think in the world. When I fell and rolled she came over to me. Not to check on me because she was concerned, no she didnt care about that. She was hoping I had something for her to eat. She is sweet but she is a little pig also. Always looking for a treat. I spoil her like that though.

Gracie was standing directly over me, all I could see was her chest and feet. All I could think was that she could easily step on me and that would only make everything ten times worse and I would be laying on the ground crying even longer. Because I would have been entitled to it.

But she didnt. I pushed her away from underneath and she just moved away. You cant touch some horses just anywhere without them giving you a kick in protest. But Gracie didnt seem to mind at all that I was shoving her in her chest and under her belly.

I had to go to the ER. I didt manage to get into the house by crawling and get to a phone to call Lester. He sent his sister-in-law that I had never met. She is very religious and straight forward person. So I had to mind my gutter mouth and not smoke at the same time all the while in tons of pain and could have smoked a whole pack of cigarettes and cussed like I had never cussed before. But I didnt. After all, she didnt even know me and she was very kind to come and rescue me.

It looks like I am going to be a cripple for a bit. I am not very happy about it. I probably will miss another week of work. I am not exactly sad about that but I would rather be off work and able to walk around. See there are a lot of things that are hard to do with a broke foot. Things you take for granted. Like taking a bath--not easy anymore. Forget getting in the garden. I tried that and it didnt work out at all. Cant feed the dogs either. They would knock me down, they are terrible about jumping on you and since I have failed to teach them otherwise, they would most definately knock me down and then there I would be on the ground again.

So, I am stuck with limitations that I dont like. I have gotten so used to doing things around here. Hopefully in a week or so it will get better.

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