Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sometimes Men Just Make My Eye Twitch

I think this broke foot and triple digit heat is making me very irritable. At least it is part of it. What do you do when your favorite person has hired someone to help him out and then when they are through sends them in for me to pay them? That wasnt so bad except I was going to have to go to the store to get the cash. Cause as we all know, I havent gotten out much because it is a pain in the ass to do so with a broke foot. Then my favorite person said to pick him up some cigarettes and a cold drink. Okay, getting a little irritated. I asked could I use the truck. My car A/C is on the blink and it is triple digit hot and I have a rug around my leg.

That is when my favorite person turned around and said, "I guess, since I just filled it up with gas and I will let you run it out."


HE is asking ME to go to the store for HIM and PAY his worker too!

I took my own car.

And my eye twitched to the whole time.

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