Monday, July 26, 2010

The Best Flea Control I Have Ever Used

Fleas have been a huge deal this summer for my dog(s). I say dogs, I really only own one but Orso is Lester's dog and it seems that over time he has become my responsibility. That's okay, I love Orso and he loves me so it is all good. A sweet boy, he just wants to jump on you all the time.

But back to my point. The fleas are HORRIBLE. About a month ago I went out and discovered that despite all that has been done for them, they were still being eaten alive by fleas. When I say eaten alive, that is exactly what was happening. We have tried everything known to man. Frontline used to work well, but I think this year it has only encouraged the fleas to breed. I have tried that, I have tried that coupled with home remedies like garlic. Just for the record, the only way Lucky will eat garlic is if I stuff it down her throat. This only makes her run from me when she sees me coming. That is a battle I hate to take on in a 100 degree heat and a broken foot. Needless to say she wins every time.

So I have almost pulled my hair out trying to figure out what in the world to do. I have surfed the net, I have bathed them almost daily, I have watched them scratch until they bled, I have listened to Lucky cry. Literally cry.

Then along comes a suggestion from a friend at work. Confortis. I think that is how it is spelled. But it is a once a month pill that costs about 20 bucks a pop. Initially that may sound expensive for 2 dogs, but hey, not when you have gone through what me and the dogs have been through it sounds good. So I gave it a shot. Shoved the pill down Lucky's throat because she wasnt having it, and just gave it to Orso. He loved it and begged for more.

The next day I went out and WOW! NO FLEAS! I was doing a happy dance and the dogs joined in. I can not believe it. It worked like a charm. If you do this remember to give the pill on a full stomach. But it is an awesome thing.

Try it if you are having flea problems.

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