Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Heat Will Cook You Like A Roast In The South

This is one hot ass summer. The temperatures hit 100 at least 2 weeks ago and the humidity is extremely high. You just cant get cool no matter what you do. August is just around the corner and that is usually the hottest month of the year so I expect it to be miserable. The other side of hell I call it. It wont rain either. Thank goodness the garden is about done producing except for the melons, one other planting of corn and tomatoes. That may be manageable enough. If the sun dries up my melons I am going to be pissed off. I have been impatiently waiting on those melons since they were planted.

I go out to those melons almost every day. I watch the progress from the time a bloom comes on the vine until they get ready to pick. Some sugar baby melons have already gotten ready and I have eaten those up. Now for the big guys. I noticed today there are two melons that I can probably pick Sunday. CANT WAIT!!!!

I noticed one thing about this garden. EVERYONE wants something. EVERYONE. People we dont even like and they dont like us suddenly become your best friend. I get very irritated about it because people we have sweated bullets out there in that garden. I had to just about fight this one guy off my melons! At the time I hadnt even had a melon yet and he was determined to talk me out of one. I might be prone to kill over a watermelon. Just try something like that on a bad day for me.

Our garden was big. REALLY big. When I broke my foot and Alvaro got deported, it was almost too much for Lester. I felt bad about it. I think we have gotten over the hard part now though. My foot is better and like I said, a lot of the vegetables are done for this year. Unless he decides to plant a late harvest. If he does that I dont want to hear any complaining out of him.

None NA DA

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