Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving needs to be over soon

That is how I feel today. I have to move in two weeks and the schedule I set is not happening. The landlord still has to look at the water and the electric and get those things fixed. It is minor crap and wont take a long time, but I need the water and electric on so I can do more stuff. Stuff like clean the top of the closet shelves and that stupid staircase. Cabinets need cleaning to. And I cant do it without the lights on because I have a fear. The fear is I cannot clean dark places. I don't know when that happened but over the years this fear grew so big that I wont even use bottom cabinets anymore. I cant. I get physically ill if I think I have to get something out of there or even open the door. I am sure it goes back to my fear of bugs and rats. It is kinda getting out of hand. And it really limits my storage space.

I guess I would be better off looking at what has happened. I got the stray dogs taken care of. That was a neurotic experience and ended with me yelling at my current landlord and slamming the phone down. See, there are two strays that I have been taking care of for many months. They are both girls. They walked up on my front porch and never left. I couldn't let them starve so I started feeding them. Then winter came and it was freezing out. So, because they don't have a dog house I let them sleep inside. In the meantime one of the dogs got pregnant. During the winter. Great. Just great. The puppies were born and then they were in the house cuz it was 20 degrees outside. She had 8 puppies. EIGHT! She couldn't have just 3 or 4, she had 8. I took care of these dogs until they were 6 weeks old. Their box had to be cleaned out twice a day cuz 8 puppies crap and pee a bunch! Gave about 4 away and was left with the others. They were getting big and started getting out of their box. They were everywhere. I wanted to pull my hair out. So I took them to a place where they adopt puppies out. Puppies gone--still got the momma.

The other day the animal control came around. I was at work and received the call. Instructions were given to put Lucky up and let them take momma dog. BECAUSE they will spay her, give her shots to her and put her picture in the paper and give her away. Great solution I think. Better than leaving her like the deadbeat who had her first did. (Yeah--he just moved and left her. Didn't want her anymore) Nobody in the trailer park wanted her, I tried other places, nobody wanted her. The landlord didn't want her because he has too many already. Later on that afternoon I got a call at work from my landlord. He was screaming into the phone wanting to know who gave the animal control permission to take Libby? I told him I did cuz I didn't have a choice. He screamed and cussed that I must be deaf cuz he told me he would find her a home not to worry about it. He did not ever tell me that. I slammed the phone down on him. I mean who the hell does he think he is? Calling me about a dog that I have been feeding, I have been cleaning up after, I have let sleep in my house, that I have caught on my kitchen table 3 times. Ugh! He hasn't been doing it. It is none of his business. I was so mad I couldn't see straight.

He got all nice the next day. Told me he was going to get her. I doubt he will do that. He is great at saying he is going to do one thing and doing another. Like fixing broke shit in the trailers. That rarely happens either. Anyway, he told me to do nothing with the other stray he would take care of her. This all the while his Chihuahua was hanging out her butt cuz she is in heat now. (She is a very big dog) I reminded him she was definitely going to be pregnant and I didn't want to leave her pregnant to starve. He said not to worry about it. He would take care of it. Well, Okaaaay. Whatever.

I cant wait for this to be over. My eye is starting to twitch with anxiety.


Denise said...

I hate the whome moving thing too. Oh and your landlord.... What an asshole!
Do I need to come to ala and kick some ass?

Lynnbug said...

Yea--any backup would be great! The other stray dog is in heat. He told me not to do anything with her, he would be taking care of her and the puppies. Well, do ya think he has even feed her once since he said that? Hell no. I fed her this morning cuz I knew she didnt eat yesterday. He is a control freak and an asshole.