Friday, April 4, 2008


I live in a trailer park. I moved there about 3 years ago and I had planned to live there about a year. Now I have lived in trailer parks before, but nothing like this. This park is for low income people and I found myself in a position that this was where I was going to have to live. I planned to stay there for about a year. Well-things change. I am still there, but planning to leave the first of May to an apartment. Moving got me to thinking of the people I have met since moving to the trailer park. Now I am one that believes that there are people that live in trailers and then there is trailer trash. About a month ago my neighber that lives in Number 18 asked me to walk with her to Number 6. ( I dont know peoples names because in the park people are referred to by the lot number they live in. I am Number 3.) We went down and Number 6 has a friend living with them and she was there keeping Number 6's baby. Number six was over at Number 35 cleaning a couch. My neighbor was talking to this girl and I was mostly listening. The girl started complaining about her situation at Number 6 and was going on and on. She looked at me and my friend and said, "This goes no further, okay?" That immediately got my attention because that phrase usually means I am fixing to be shocked off my ass. I am thinking what the hell? I dont even know you but I knew something good was coming so I smiled and agreed that certainly I would tell no one what she was going to say. She stated that since she had been living there (which was around 3 months) Mr. and Mrs. Number 6 had not bathed but twice. She PROUDLY announced to us that she baths once a week no matter what!!!! I stood up. I no longer wanted to sit on their furniture and I was ready to leave. I was trying to keep a straight face. When my friend and I left I waited until we had gotten almost up the hill and screamed. "Did I hear that girl right? Did she say she bathed once a week and number 6 has bathed twice in 3 months?!?!?!?!? Yep, you heard right said Number 18. What the fuck! I cannot believe this girl thought she was so much cleaner for bathing once a week than her friends that bath 2 times in 3 months. I mean after so long, what difference does it make?

And I have told most everyone I have came in contact with. And did I mention that the reason my friend in Number 18 went to see Number 6 was to offer to let them borrow a baby bed she had. She wants it back.


Linda said...

Seriously, why take a shower if you don't need one? You'll just get diry again, right? Kinda like eating, why? You'll just get hungry again..
Those are some crazy people.
I am kinda curious how she knows that they haven't bathed in 3 months..
I was only mildy taken aback when I went to read your blog, and had to agree to read content that might not be suitable....I'm glad that naked pictures of ugly men didn't pop up.

Lynnbug said...

I dont know why it does that! I was taken aback too when it said that about content. It must be something I did wrong in settings.