Friday, July 18, 2008

My hair is cut

I got my hair cut last night. It was a spur of the moment thing. I am ashamed to say I havent had a real haircut in about 2 years. There are lots of reasons why but the main one is laziness. I have never been a person who likes to spend a lot of time on her hair. But I got inspired by D.

My hair was way longer than it had ever been. I guess that is because of the two years maybe? Possibly? Anyway, Im glad I did it. I went the cheapo route. I found out that Walmart has a hair salon in it. I got a shampoo, cut and blow dry for $18.95. Being the cheap person that I am, this was right up my alley. I found out later if I have just went for the cut it would have been $13.95. That is even better but the guy didnt really give me a choice. He just said "lets shampoo."

He may have thought my hair was dirty. Hell I dont know - maybe he just wanted to add to the bill. But $18.95 was a good deal and the thought of getting my hair shampooed by someone else appealed to me. It is kind of relaxing.

I have never had my hair cut by a man though. He was kinda cute--and he was 55 years old. I am not usually attracted to older guys, but this one was cute. And he was very nice and talkative. He is going to school to be a hair instructer. I was impressed and was hoping that with this kind of knowledge and experience, my hair would turn out like the picture I took in. Yes--I took a picture of cute blond lady with lots of layers in her hair and perfect make-up. I bet people who work in $13.95 a cut salons hate people like me. Especially people like me that wait 2 years to get their hair cut. I would cuss me out.

I totally enjoyed the experience except for one thing. I always have to find something wrong. But it wasnt too bad and I could over look it as long as he didnt get too close to my face to talk. Stale alcohol breath from the night before. Plus his hands shook a bit and his face had that red look that you get from too much alcohol on a regular basis. I figure he may have a little problem. To still have alcohol breath at 7:00 pm from the night before is not good. It had to be from the night before too because he had just gotten there from being at school all day. He told me that - yeah because he was talkative. And there is a difference between stale alcohol breath and one that has been drinking within the last couple hours. I am sure if you are anywhere near my age you have smelled it. Kinda stinky!

I also know he has been married three times and is not happy in this one. I learned this as he was washing my hair. I had met him like 2 minutes ago?

Amazing what people will reveal--especially if they have a lot on their mind.

But I was pleased with the haircut. I guess I will do it again in about 2 years!

Just kidding. Maybe I will try to keep it cut. Sorta


Linda said...

picture please!!! picture!!

Lynnbug said...

I will when I get batteries for the camera! I need to post a before and after.