Monday, October 20, 2008

Alabama Crimson Tide is now 7-0

Yes! We are still undefeated! I am very happy about that. What I am not so happy about is the predictions at the beginning of the year appear to be coming true. We are a very young team and we dont have a lot of depth. So, injuries cannot happen and of course they will. Also, it is very hard to sustain all your energy throughout an entire game. The result is that the first half rocks and the second half is a hang on for dear life kind of thing. That is what is happening now. I am very proud of this team. Next year should prove to be better than this year. I am saying that because with LSU coming down the pike we may lose because of our youngness (is that a word?) and our lack of depth.

Moving on to other things. Lucy killed a rat and brought it down as a trophy to show me. I HATE rats--but I like them better dead. I think that where there is one there may be more. Since it is getting cooler and I live in a woods type area, the varmits are going to try to move in with me. Lucy is now on full time duty. Which is another reason I think there may be more. I gave Lucy lots of praise all the while screeming inside. The rat is outside in the woods rotting away as we speak. Removed with a dustpan.

The thing was about 2 inches long. Now some people may say that is a mouse. I say not! I j ust hope she keeps up with her duties around the house. I would have a heart attack if I saw one running accross the floor.

A new product I tried is M&M Premiums. The raspberry chocolate almond. They are outstanding! A little pricey for an M&M but outstanding! You simply must try them!


Linda said...

Oh yeah, my cat Emma has deposited a mouse,bird (a BIG bird)a hamster (obviously someones pet that got out)and a mole on our front doorstep.I do the same-praise her and then call for one of the men in the house to do the fetching and disposing of!
I just tried the M & M Premiums yesterday. I got the triple chocolate and they are yummy!!! The kids were over so they had many, and then brought some home to share with their mama.I agree on the expensive part (I think I paid $2.99 for the box?)but they were worth it!

Lynnbug said...

$2.99! Geez - it cost me $3.89 here! At Walmart no less!

Hide.. Literally! said...

Lynn - I will write a book the day you commit to doing stand up comedy. I love how funny you are and even when you're not trying to be.. And where in the hell do I get the expensive M&M's - I love the peanut butter ones the best but I won't not try anything at least once. And if a cat brought me a trophy I would say many 4 letter words before showing praise. But the germaphob in me would freak out..

Lynnbug said...

Heidi-I got those M&M's on the candy isle at Walmart. They are in a fancy pancy box.

See--I dont think Im funny but a lot of people say I am even though I dont try. I am especially funny when I am being serious. I think Im a strange bird.