Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blind Men May Make The Best Husband For Me

Fall is in the air! Even though I was off today, I got up and went with boss lady to the farmer's market. We bought the usual veggies, and we also bought some mums. Some of them are above. The blooms havent completely opened up but when they do, they will be gorgeous. The thing I love about mums is you can cut the dead blooms off and keep the plant watered. Next year they will bloom again. In the meantime you have a lovely green plant. I have a plant I bought last year that is on my porch and it is covered in new blooms. Once it opens up I think it will be prettier than last year.

Bossman said this afternoon he wishes we had bought the plastic pumpkins you trick or treat in instead of the real pumpkins. The kind with the black plastic handle. See he only worries they will rot. Geez! I had to tell him he was ruining my fall display vision completely. Number one--we probably will sell most of the pumpkins. Number two--this display can last well past Halloween. Through Thanksgiving even. Number three--plastic jack o'lanterns would be tacky. I had to remind him this was my project and he told me I could do it my way. Old men are something else.

At the market we also bought some turnip greens and collards to sell. I dont know how many of you have ever eaten greens, but I LOVE them! I plan to buy some of both and cook them. A bunch of these things is too much for one meal for me so I will have some left over to freeze. When I eat turnips or collards I cook them almost all day and keep a good bit of the stock in them. Then I make corn bread and crumble it in a bowl and pour the greens over it. A southern bread soup if you may.


I went back to the eye doctor for a fitting of my new contacts. I really like this doctor, she is very thorough. She had order 6 test pairs of lenses to make sure she put the best, healthiest ones on me. We tried several on and we decided on a pair that allowed air to get to my eye and corrected my astigmatism. They work a lot better than the kind I was wearing. My left eye is a little stubborn and she said the contact had rotated on the eye because of the astigmatism being so bad in that eye. She is going to order a stronger lens to make up for that. In the meantime, I will wear these until the new one comes in.

I got to say I really see a lot better even if the left eye isnt where she wants it to be. For the first time in a year I am using the computer without readers on. In fact, if I put the readers on, I cant even see what Im typing. I probably will need the readers for fine print, but I am so glad I am not chained to them like I was.


Amber called me today and said she knew a man that wants to meet me. My first reaction was "Uh Oh". The last time she introduced me to a guy he was a little bit cripple, had cancer and 6 months to live. Dont get me wrong, that just didnt seem like a relationship I wanted to start. I did meet that guy and I think he is very wonderful, we both just knew getting serious was not a good idea.
So my first question to her was "What is wrong with him?"
Amber: "Do we have to go there?"
Me: "Yeah, we do."
Amber: "Well................he's legally blind and has had diabetes since he was little." Then she started talking really fast. "He has a seizure every now and then when he doesnt eat right But he is okay right now he likes to hang out and talk a lot and maybe go out to eat every once in a while of course he is on disablity because he is blind but he can see some he knows my hair is red he doesnt drive himself because of course he is legally blind but I think you would like him."
Me: silence
Amber: Talking real fast still. "He is very clean and he has all his teeth and he is really funny and you and he have a lot in common."
Me: "What would that be?"
Amber: "Diabetes"
So there it is. I want to marry him today and spend the rest of my natural life with him. This is perfect. We both have DIABETES.
I told her that perhaps I would meet him at some point but it wouldnt be a set up type thing where the whole reason we are gathering is so Lynn could meet the guy who cant see her and might fall out at any moment with a seizure.
Am I shallow?


Linda said...

I am coming to the wedding!! Because, OMG it sounds like you are absolutely meant for each...Blech! Oh wait, seizures aren't good. On second thought, decline this generous offer...
This reminds me of the time in high school when a friend of mine was dating some guy, and wanted to hook her twin sister and me up with his friends. We met up with them---one was about 4 feet tall, and the other had NO HAIR(including eyebrows/eyelashes) because he had alopecia. We went in the bathroom totally cracking up and arguing over who should talk to whom. It was awful, but we couldn't just be rude. The evening was long and painful and of course was the end of any potential matchmaking.
Amber had good intentions, but GEEZE!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all... I laughed when Linda read this to me over the phone. Secondly.... It was even funnier when I read it. Lynn< I think you should give thie blind diabetic guy a chance hahahah. After all he does have all of his teeth, andaybe he will wait till after desert to have a seizure. Bahahahah

Anonymous said...

Oh that was me Denise posting sorry.

Lynnbug said...

Thanks Denise--I left out the seizure story Amber told me which isnt really funny but it is. And Too Much Information. She told it like this:

Amber talking: The last seizure he had he was taking a shit and fell out on the bathroom floor. The ambulances all came and had to help him. There he was with his pants down around his ankles, blood all over his face and shit all over him. I mean--Aunt Lynn -- how embarrasing is that?

Well, I dont know how embarrasing it is but I sure wouldnt want to deal with it.

I guess I am shallow.

Anonymous said...

Fuck No......
I am shallow then too. Sorry but dealing with poop is bad enough if you love someone. But for someone that you barely know.... Um no thanx!