Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am Alive!

Yesterday was a great day! Another piece of my life that I lost 4 years ago has been put back in place!

Four years ago I lost everything, including losing touch with some very dear friends. My life was a shambles emotionally, spiritually and financially. I have been in the process of rebuilding my life and it has really been a slow and sometimes dissappointing process. I have had to compromise on many things, one of which is I most likely will never have the high paying job I had before. That may be a good thing. I am learning to live with less and learning to appreciate other things like friends and family.

Yesterday I found an old friend I have spent the last year looking for. This is the second old friend I have found, the first one being Denise. Denise was easy, I just googled her name and she popped right up. I am sooooo happy I found Denise! She is one of a kind and just a really fantastic person. A really good friend. I couldnt imagine not having her for a friend.

The friend I found yesterday is Mandy. I have known her for years and met her at a previous job. She moved away to Texas but we never lost touch and visited each other at least once a year. She is very funny, caring and you never know what she is going to do next, but you are never surprised. I just love her and she loves me unconditionally. I know she does me. We have both went through a lot together. Her family is fantastic too.

I tried Google and didnt have any luck. I was looking for her in Texas. I figured she was still there. After all her family is there. Yesterday I tried again without much hope that I would get any results and she popped right up! I was so excited! After a couple of messages she called me and she is living RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD about 25 miles! And 25 miles around her is considered a long walk! Whoooo hooo!

We talked a good bit and we plan to meet up Monday afternoon. Her first words to me was she thought I had DIED. Im so sorry she thought that. God knows there were times I had wished I was dead. But it aint my time to go yet people!

So another piece of the puzzle from my former life is back in place. I think the good thing about my puzzle is I can replace the good pieces and throw the bad ones away. I can find better pieces to replace the bad ones. It is taking a long time to start over this time. (Yes, I have had to start over before.) I really hope I dont have to do it again. Im getting to old for this shit. I want to put my puzzle together with glue so it doesnt fall apart ever again.


Hide.. Literally! said...

Oh how heartfelt this is. There is good and bad in everyones life sunshine and all we can do it learn from it all. There are people in my past that I'm sure could tell you stories, but the nice thing about what they could tell you is it's not who I am anymore. I am going to see one of them soon, it's scary but she deserves an apology. I recently found out where she is working, and I've only interacted with her once in my life - but I was in the wrong and need to make amends even if it kills me. I'm happy you have found the good ones, you are very deserving of them...

Lynnbug said...

Heidi--good luck on your amends! I know some amend are very hard and very scary! Im sure everything will be okay!

Linda said...

I love the Halloween background! I'm waiting for that site to have Christmas backgrounds....
Congrats on finding another old friend! It's fun to find someone again and pick up right where you left off..