Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Monster Mash

We had a great time last night with the babies. Owen was Spider Man and Kenzy was Cinderella. Owen loved being Spider Man so much he threw a fit when he found out he wouldnt be able to wear it forever. He wanted to sleep in his costume.

I took several pictures and this one below is right before we left. It would have been great if I had noticed Owen had found a cigarette butt and was holding it in the picture.

Yes--even the goats came to the Columbiana Monster Walk courtesy of the local 4-H club.

He loves his sister.

Kenzy was really interested in monsters until she saw this one. She wouldnt go near the guy even though he had candy. She passed him up for the next candy table.

My sweet Amber.

Ken is not mad--he had the sun in his eyes and a sucker in his mouth. You have to take pictures of Ken on the down low. He rarely poses for you.

Owen enjoying his candy!

This is the end of the night. We had left Columbiana and went to The Shelby Iron Works for their Halloween Festival. It was totally free! The Iron Works is a historical park. The Iron Works was built in the 1800's and employed a lot of people. Today, it is used to do stuff like this and teach the history of Shelby, Alabama and the role of The Iron Works. At the festival they gave away raffle tickets and I won a $50.00 gift certificate to Cookies By Design! Really good cookies and I am going to use it to get Momma a cookie bouquet!
The kids sat in these leaves for about 30 minutes overdosing on candy.

Im not much for hanging on to holidays. Im ready to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas now. I hope everyone had a great Halloween--especially Heidi!!! LOL


Linda said...

All fixed!! Good.
I love the kids in their costumes!
Heck, I would have let Owen sleep it that thing! Why not?
The cigarette picture is funny....geeze. My grands call them "secrets", which I like. Cause if Grandma was having a secret, that's better right?
I love your new background.I'm just waiting for them to add more Christmas backgrounds, or mine would look exactly like yours!

Lynnbug said...

I want a different background--snowmen or something like that! The only reason Amber wouldnt let him sleep in it was because it was wet--he had been sitting on the ground for a little too long. She was trying to get him into dry clothes. He LOVES Spiderman.

Hide.. Literally! said...

Lynn - You know I really did have a pretty great halloween. I'm not a fan because it's somewhat creepy to me it always has been but I had a great time with friends, family and of course Budge. She dressed up as a pioneer and her costume was cuter than hell. I will post pictures soon. I love the pictures. Thanks for the shout out - you are funny. I can't wait for your next football post I'm dying to know how it went today.. Loves. H

The Coconut Diaries said...

The kids are adorable and I LOVE the new blog design!!

Lynnbug said...

Thank you!