Monday, November 3, 2008

Yea Alabama! Whooo hooo!

Okay people! We are now Number 1! For the first time since 1992, we are number 1! Thanks to Texas Tech beating Texas and us winning this past Saturday, we are number 1!

Did I say we were number 1? Well----we are! I am so proud of our team!

We have to stay focused. We cant get the big head. We can enjoy this victory for a short while. But we cant dwell on it. This Saturday we play LSU and it will be tough. One - because LSU is tough. Two - because Couch Saban used to coach LSU and left to couch the Dolphins. Then he came to us when he realized pro football wasnt for him. Plus, we are paying him almost the same. 3 million. When your salary goes into the millions, you can give or take a million without it mattering much.

Anyway, we are NUMBER 1!


The Coconut Diaries said...

Holy crap that Texas/Texas Tech game was amazing! I've never seen a bar get so quiet, so quickly!!

Lynnbug said...

LMAO! Right now Im loving Texas Tech!