Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Shooting Up

I went to the doctor yesterday and once again she is making changes to my medication. My blood sugars have been running high lately, so she is going to try a new insulin which she can get me on a program that pays for it. The only thing is this insulin will be in addition to the insulin I am already taking. So more shooting up for me on a daily basis.

The additional shooting up does not bother me as much as the fact that she mentioned the dreaded word "diet." Specifically a low carb diet. I have to limit myself to 50 carbs or less a day. She wants me to limit myself to 20 carbs a day but she felt that she wouldnt push that with me. I have to write down every carb I eat and take it back to her. Great. I have always dreamed of that.

I hate low carb diets! Too much meat! You are looking at someone who went vegetarian for 9 months and thoroughly enjoyed it. My skin was cleaner, my cholesterol was lower, I felt really good. I had to go off the vegetarian thing because the doctor said I was not taking in enough protein. See, I dont care for lentils or beans that much. I eat them only every once in a while.

Anyway, Im getting off track. I wont be able to eat fruit like I like too. One damn apple (medium) has like 16 grams of carbohydrates. That sucks! When your limited to 50 a day and the apple is that much, you tend to think maybe you will skip it for the corn on the cob and roll at a meal.

All this does not mean I will be able to cut down on my oral meds. I asked her and she wouldnt go so far as to say that. She just said it would help.

When I start the new insulin I think I am going to be shooting up four times a day. That will not be convenient. When I went to the monster walk on Halloween I had to shoot up in the parking lot of the church. Boy--that turned some heads! But I had no choice. Amber was so embarrassed. She was afraid people would "talk." I let her know that they really didnt need to say anything--it wasnt like I had my arm tied off and was looking for a good vein. Now that my shooting up is going to be doubled--more than likely I will find myself in situations that will require shooting up in the car or public restrooms. Either that or I can stay at home and never go anywhere.

Diabetes just sucks.

Low carb diets do too.


The Coconut Diaries said...

That does sound all sucky and stuff. I feel like doctors never know anything and end up experimenting with crap. Is it a scam with the insurance companies? Were they watching too many episodes of ER to pay attention in med school? WTF??

But you gotta do what you gotta do because lots of folks want you to stick around!

Lynnbug said...

My sugars have come down--I think I should most likely cut down on the insulin in the morning. That is because around 10 o'clock everyday I crash bad! No carbs = no feeding my medicine. I dont know--Im gonna have to experiement a little myself.