Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Post That Is Designed Soley To Avoid Cleaning House

Today is Sunday and it will most likely be my only day off this week. So what am I doing on my day off? Cleaning house. Cleaning house is one of those things that cant be avoided, like death and taxes. It cant be avoided especially if you keep a 55 pound dog and cat inside most of the time.

Maybe I can give it what I call a lick and a promise. I will skim the surfaces to make it appear clean and promise to come back at a later date and do better. I always promise to do better but I just think there must be something better to do with my time than vacum, mop and wash cloths. Oh and dont forget the dusting.

I dont have anything else to do. NASCAR is over with for the season and nothing is on TV. If my DVR was hooked up I could watch everything I had recorded for the week. Ordering DVR from DirecTV is another story. I wanted to snatch the customer service lady through the phone when I called to upgrade. When I got her through the phone I was going to kill her. I need DVR because I refuse to miss my beloved TV shows when I start working evenings at Walmart. She was being difficult and trying to take away my one true joy which is TV.

I wanted to upgrade free. I knew I could because boss lady had already done it for free a couple months ago. This lady told me it would be $19.95 plus $99.00 to upgrade and that didnt include the $5.99 a month charge. I told her I wasnt planning on BUYING the DVR and she promptly told me that was not buying it. Hmmmph! Who the heck pays $99.00 for something they will not own? Well, not me, she was talking to the wrong one.

I explained to her that my boss had got it for free and she "checked" her computer for specials and told me that there was no such special available in my area. She lies. Dish Network is offering DVR for free in my area and I told her that. She wouldnt budge. I asked her how much to terminate the service and that was going to cost $336.00. That bitch thought she had me over a barrel.

I told her to transfer me to the disconnect department. This was a total bluff on my part. But I was ready to try anything. The guy answered and asked me how I was doing and let him know that I just wasnt doing very well. I told him what happened with the bitch and long story short, I got my DVR free and an entire YEAR of DVR FREE and all I have to pay is $19.95 for the guy to come out. It will be hooked up Wednesday - that is if the guy shows up on time. If he doesnt, I will call customer service and get something else free. I am notorious for getting compensated for inconveniences. They better hope I dont miss Grey's Anatomony is all I got to say! Now THAT would cost them.

So there! In your face customer service bitch!


Linda said...

Cleaning on your only day off should be illegal!! Doing the minimal required is the only way to go.
Good for you dealing with the Direct Tv people like that!!! I've learned that if you don't get what you deserve in the first attempt, ask for a supervisor. I've BEEN the supervisor, and had tons and tons of people tranferred to me because they were unhappy with the customer service rep. It was my job to keep the customer happy, and not lose their business. It's the nature of the game to see if the customer will be satisfied during the initial transaction.
The only time I couldn't help was when some guy demanded I get on an airplane and deliver his package MYSELF!! He was dead serious. Every time I said I couldn't do that, he would say WHY? WHY?
I finally said, "cause I'm afraid to fly", and then tranferred him to MY supervisor. Who gave him his entire order for FREE.
It totally pays to bitch...

Linda said...

Okay, damnit! That brought up another memory...
We had a customer that had ordered several light up deer that you put in your yard at Christmas. The rep that took the order, didn't realize that extra shipping charges were involved, so I had to call the customer back. She was a very sweet older woman ordering these deer for each of her grown childrens familys. We chatted and had the nicest conversation. I promised to keep track of her order and give her a call when I knew that her orders had shipped. She was anxious for them to arrive long enough before Christmas to be useful.
When I called a week or so later, her husband answered the phone. I asked for Mrs. so and so, and he started to cry. She'd had a massive stroke a few days before and died in his arms. Well, I sat there on the phone with him and cried and cried. It was so heartbreaking, but those deer did make it to her children in time for Christmas. Just like she had hoped.

Lynnbug said...

OMG! Linda that is the saddest story!

I try not to be a bad customer but I was only wanting what I knew they offered. The whole incident was uncalled for. I dont know why you have to jump through hoops just to get what is available.

The Coconut Diaries said...

I am so bad at cleaning and this morning made me remember why I need to get better at it. There's been a SMELL in our pantry for a week and I finally got sick of it, so I emptied it out and found MAGGOTS on our catfood. MAGGOTS! I almost called in sick today so I could stay home and clean. Icky!

Lynnbug said...

Ewwwww! That would have really made me sick!