Thursday, December 18, 2008

Off To The Orange Bowl

I didnt ever post about Alabama and SEC Championship game with Florida. Not because I only toot our horn when we win, I have been just too damn busy. We lost the game but we didnt lose our spirit. This season has been our best season in a really, really long time. I am so proud of this team and proud for them. They played hard and they played well. They exceeded everyone's expectations for this year. They also raised the bar on expectations for next year. The fans will expect them to be even better. I hope fans can keep their hopes realistic.

Every year when the football and NASCAR season ends, I get a little down. Of course, there is still pro ball but I am not such of fan of pro football. I dont know why, but I just havent ever gotten emotionally invested in a pro team. I watch pro football a little here and there, just enough to help keep me out of total football withdrawels.

Alabama will be playing Utah in the Orange Bowl! Heidi--I hope you will be watching because I sure will!

Oh--and The Doobie Brothers are scheduled to perform at half time! Good times!

Roll Tide!


The Coconut Diaries said...

So there was a show on MTV called Two-A-Days that followed an Alabama football team (Hoover?). Are any of those guys on the team? I thought I remember the high school quarterback named John Parker. Is that the same kid?? If so, I will root for Alabama just for you!!

Lynnbug said...

Yes it is the same kid--Hoover High almost always wins the state championship here. After the Two-A-Days their coach and some of the staff got into trouble for fixing grades. So he and a couple others got fired. They have a new coach this year but they still did well. The scandel put a little damper on the spirit after all the hoopla of the MTV show. But John Parker has really turned out well. He is a good kid.