Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 2-The Bachelor

I would have this extensive update on The Bachelor today, but nothing really fascinating happened. It is just too early. I thought Deanna would rear her head (I hear that is the plan) but she didnt show up. There was the usual cat fights over personalities and the man. I find it hard to believe that week into knowing this guy the girls are already crying and sobbing with noses dripping snot over their "love" of Jason. Yeah, he is cute. But are you dumbasses really in love? I mean - really. GMAFB.

There is this one girl named Stephanie that has caught my eye. She is from Huntsville, AL. No, she has not caught my eye because she is from Alabama. I originally read her name wrong on the first show and thought she was from California. Hurray for good eye sight. She has a 3 year old and her husband was killed in a tragic plane crash. He was flying his small plane at the time. If I think hard enough I can almost remember this happening especially since plane crashes dont happen every day. At any rate, her baby was only 10 weeks old at the time. It is a really sad story and she openly told the other girls about it last night. They wanted to know the "deal" about her ex. I guess they thought it was going to be a story about love gone wrong and were they ever off base. She had them all crying and I even almost shed a tear. But she pulled herself up with all the grace of a true southern lady and made sure they all knew she was ready to take on another relationship and at this point in time Jason would be her focus.

I watched her all through the show. She has manners and she isnt all giddy over him every time he walks in the room. She doesnt interrupt the other ladies when they are having one on one time with him. She stared to, and then she stopped herself telling the others it wasnt a good time and she felt like a fool for even trying to interrupt their conversation. I dont know that she is the right girl for him. Neither does she. It appears she wants him to find the perfect woman and she wants the perfect man for herself. At this point she doesnt seem willing to get caught up in the moment of television and dream dates that dont happen in the real world. I also think this woman has money. They interviewed all the ladies from their homes and gave us all some background on them. Her house is magnificent! The kind of house you dream about living in. Anyway, I like this woman. She is having a one on one date with Jason next week and he surprises her with a visit with her daughter! They both spend time with her daughter and I think it will be the daughter's birthday. Now how fucking cool is that?

Then there is one girl I have taken an instant disliking to. Her name is Shannon and she hails from Missouri and she is a dental hygienist. She has HUGE teeth and they are so white they glow. It disturbs me to look at her. Also, she is definitely the resident crazy girl. She comes off like a stalker. She has researched Jason and knows stuff that only someone who has spent hours on the Internet would know. I wouldnt be surprised if she has paid for an online background and asset check on the guy. The thing that surprises me the most is that he is flattered by it. Me-I dont know-I think I would be afraid of her. I dont like her and I hope he lets her go and soon. I foresee a huge meltdown from her when he does.

I dont know when Deanna will come, but I hope it is soon. I want things stirred up before I get too bored with it all.

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thecoconutdiaries said...

Yeah for the weekly update! My heart broke just reading that story. Even with all his weirdness, I wouldn't know what to do if he died suddenly.

I am humbly requesting a brown-girl count in your next review.