Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Over

I put it off until today--I know I should have probably not done so but I just didnt have it in me. The rat is dead. I pray, oh how I pray he is the only one! He was about 6 inches long. That is a rat my friends.

Glue traps are efficient but totally gross. This guy had used two glue traps. He was laying across them. He must have dragged one to the other because when I laid them out they were much further apart. Can you imagine if he had been big enough to carry off one of those?

So it is over. And I am totally grossed out and traumatized. I will heal eventually from this experience.


Ky said...

Oh my goodness. My skin crawled at the thought of it. Growing up in Hawaii we had HUGE rats - I mean HUGE - like a foot long. You just learned not to walk in the kitchen bare footed in the morning when the traps were out.

Linda said...

Well, I'm very glad it's over because that was creepin' me out!!
Rats, mice and snakes do me in!!