Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I think there is light I see down there. I dont want to hope too big. But my car is going to be paid off this Friday!!!!!!!! OMG I am so excited! Excited because I will have more options. One of the biggest is to decide if I will continue much longer doing the 2 job, 70 hour a week thing. I have been doing that since the end of November 2007! I cannot BELIEVE I have been doing it so long. I just cant. There have been times when I thought I was going to die I was so tired. But I have done it, one day at a time. Most of the time when I get up in the morning I dont even know what day it is. Twice I have reported to work at the wrong time. It's no wonder either. I refuse to beat myself up about it even though I am anal about being on time. It is just that I got confused because that is what happens when you dont know which is end is up half the time. But I can quit the office job after this week if I want to. Except................

1. I need to get a little mainenance done on my car. The back tires are wearing out on the inside very badly. So it either needs an alignment, struts or shocks. Or maybe all of the above. Or maybe something else. Need a diagnosis fast. I want to get htis done without putting me in a financial bind. With my salary that is easy.

2. Im saving to take mother to Guntersville State Park in November. The leaves will be turning and she is sooo looking forward to it. So am I. So am I. There are also these really great outlets stores there and there is also The Unclaimed Baggage Store there. The Unclaimed Baggage Store is where ALL the unclaimed baggage eventually ends ups from every airline in the U.S. Now how freakin cool can that possibly be? I must go. Somebody lost their stuff and I want it.

3. Lucky needs her shots. So does Lucy. They need full check ups. That costs money and I cant let that be an obstacle to their well being.

I can do all this if I have to without the second job. But with the second job I would still be able to do things like eat. That might be a good thing, to be able to eat. If I look at keeping the job it will only be until October 1. Not too bad, I can still see the light. It is there --- waaaay down there, but it wasnt there at all 2 months ago.

If I get too pissed off and tired, I can quit at any time and pack up my bags and toys and go play at home. Easy cheesy!

I have options. Finally I have options.

I am so excited!


Hide.. Literally! said...

Kudos to you beautiful!! You have worked so so hard.. You deserve it all and then some! Good God I want to go to the luggage place, just to see it would be amazing!! I hope you take a camera.. :)

Lynnbug said...

Somebody's loss could be my gain!