Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Smoking In The House

I really wasnt going to write about this right now. Cause I just started trying and didnt want a public failure on the record. But I decided to go ahead and spill my guts on my latest quest.

I am trying to stop smoking. Yes. I am. It is hard. I cut way back yesterday. My cigs are in the car so if I just have to have one, I must go get it from the car. Very inconvenient since I usually smoke in the recliner with the ashtray by my chair. Also, when this pack of cigs is gone Im not buying anymore. Since I smoke a pack a day and they are around 4 bucks a pack, I stand to save a lot of money. If I lived in Australia I would really be saving, a friend of mine told me cigs start there at 16 bucks a pack! WOW!

At this moment I am very edgy, nervous, high-tempered (the TV is making me mad) and it almost physically hurts. I am holding out on my morning cig because I know the longer I hold out the better off I will be. Going cold turkey is right around the corner because I think there are like 2 cigs left in that pack. So it is getting ready to be rough.

Wish me luck, because Im not sure how well I will do with this. And whatever you do, dont be disappointed if I fail. Not setting myself up to fail mind you, I just already know what a hill this is going to be for me.


Hide.. Literally! said...

Good Luck Baby Girl.. I know it's hard. I failed and it sucks. But you can do it, you are so strong and amazing. The ticks and the mood swings will go away around day 3.. Hang in there.. You rock my world..

Lynnbug said...

Thank Heidi!! I cant wait for this really intense withdrawel process to end! It sucks!