Saturday, September 19, 2009

Did You Know A Horse Wont Move If It Doesnt Want Too?

The other day I was down at the place where I am going to move, home alone, cooking a little dinner for everyone. Very quiet and peaceful. I just love the atmosphere of where I am moving. You can hear the chickens out back and every once in a while the donkey or mule brays. It is cool.

I am cooking and I take a glance out the window, weird, traffic is backed up. Wow, wreck? No. Not a wreck. Rosie, the horse is crossing the road to get to the other side. Yep. She got out of the electric fence. The fence that is supposed to keep her in. I was assured of that when I asked about it. Because I was going to be alone with horses and mules and chickens and geese and all the other animals and I didnt want ANYTHING to go wrong. What I know about horses you can put in a thimble, I am still learning. So, I had a learning experience.

I go outside and she gets to the other side safely. Thank God! She has her bridle on and I think no problem. Just grab the bridle and lead her back. Easy, cheesy. There was some really nice tall grass over on the other side of the road. Rosie was eating it and having quite a good dinner. By the way, pork chops were frying on my stove and biscuits were in the oven needing to be taken out while this was going on. My dinner.

I reach for Rosie, she moves away. Every time I try she moves further away and gets a little more agitated. She will not even think about leaving that grass. The result is I am chasing her. Along the side of the road with traffic. This could get ugly I could tell. So I call Lester and tell him Rosie is out. Well, he finally lets me in on the fact that Rosie has never been in the electric fence and she must be able to get out. Ya think? I believe I tried to go over the security of the electric fence BEFORE he left. Make a note not to always believe Lester. He and I now have slight trust issues.

He tells me to go get a bucket of sweet oats and she will follow me back to the house. He also tells me to take her to the back yard instead of the pasture and go through the garden. He says I can get through the garden because where it was blocked by this huge gourd vine on the gate, the vine is now gone and I should have no problem. So I went and got a bucket of oats.

Pork chops are still frying and biscuits are still burning. The house will burn but the horse will live. And the mule and donkey see that I grab a bucket of sweet oats and they want some. So they start raising hell.

I go with the bucket and Rosie has to be convinced she isnt being tricked. I finally get her attention and she is hypnotized by the bucket. She loves sweet oats better than anything and the grass on the side of the road was abandoned. I start walking back to the house and she starts running behind me. Now Rosie is young, she is a little hyper and and very excited about the sweet oats. So she is jumping and trotting which is not good because I am scared of the excitement - afraid I will be kicked by accident. Very nervous. I get to the garden gate and to my dismay I noticed that yes--PART of the gourd vine has been removed, but more than half remains. HALF. The gate will not open. At least not easily. Another note about trusting Lester, the minor trust issue gets bigger. I start shoving and working on the gate. Rosie is trying to get the bucket and I wont let her have it, she gets pissed and starts back to the grass. I guess she is thinking while I do this she will at least eat some more grass. This is not the decision I want her to make so I have to beg and swing the bucket under her nose while pushing and shoving the gate with the other hand and praying to God she doesnt kick me.

Pork chops burning and biscuits are still on the stove, more than likely destroyed by this time.

I get the gate open and in we go. Rosie gets her sweet oats, the donkey and mule are still raising hell and I get in the house and save the pork chops and biscuits.

Did I mention at one point during all this I managed to get some sweet oats to the donkey and mule so they would shut the fuck up? And the electric fence got me good on the under side of my arm. The fence works by the way.

Easy, cheesy!

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