Saturday, September 12, 2009

Throwing Things Away

I know I just moved a little over a year ago. But I still have so much junk!!!! How in the hell do I get this stuff? I have to throw it away because there is no way to take it with me and I dont need it. Maybe this move to someone elses house is a sort of divine intervention.

There are some horrible items. Things like the bags of clothing your mother sends home with you that dont fit or are so horrible you would never wear them, not even around the house. But I keep them because she gave them to me. Or maybe I was just too lazy to throw them out. Whatever, I have a ton of clothing that falls into this category--out it goes.

What to do with that coffee table that has one leg broken but glued back on? It is old and could be refinished and the leg fixed and it would be a gorgeous piece of furniture. I have been meaning to do this for 3 years. Out it goes. I will never fix it. Ever.

My couch. Oh dear I cant decide about it. It needs to be recovered but I could buy a cover and put over it. Couches are expensive. I dont have anywhere to put it right now and the shed may not hold it. I can decide about it and will think about it later.

Shoes--tons of shoes that range fro $1 to $10 bucks. Lots of them and some dont have their mate. I am getting rid of them. I will only keep the ones I wear and that goes for the ton of purses also. See I wear shoes and carry purses until they are falling apart. Then they are thrown in the closet and never seen again. Worthless items that I wouldnt send to the thrift store. So landfill it is.

Pots and pans that have seen better days. Pots and pans that I dont use because the Teflon will come off in your food. Not sure why I still have those. Well, gone but not forgotten.

The list goes on and on. I have stuff like this crammed everywhere. And I brought it with me last time I moved. Not sure what I was thinking. My grandmother was like this and mother always said it was because she lived through The Great Depression and wanted to stay prepared for the next one. I didnt live through The Great Depression but I am poor and cant afford to replace a lot of things. Still, it doesnt make sense that I hoard things that are too worn out to be used and too ugly to put on my back. If I had to wear those cloths out I would just stay home.

I have alot to do, mostly sorting and throwing out. I may not have a lot of crap when Im through. That is scary. Im not sure what I would do without my junk. But I have heard this hoarding thing can become a disease and I sure dont need another disease. I guess I should think of this as a kind of cleansing of my heart and soul. Throwing away bad memories and tough times to look forward to a better day. Because that is my hope, that this is the beginning of a better day for me. I know there will still be hard times, but I am HOPING that those times arent quite as often or nearly as hard. I am also hoping there will be a friend that is finally close by to listen to me in person and not from miles away. I want this to be the end of all the lonliness and I want to have some joy that comes right out of my house where I live and I dont have to go somewhere to find it.

Before I leave you I also have several lamps that no longer work if anyone is interested. They used to be really nice.

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