Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Newest Friends

I have been taking a few pictures of the animals around the house. There are MANY more animals but I have a few I wanted to share.

This is Elsie, the 6 month old colt. Her Momma is in the background. She is a little doll. She loves, loves, LOVES to be petted.

This is Gracie--one of the miniature ponies. we have since cut her mane off because she had a terrible Tina Turner look going for her. You cant really tell how bad it was because her head is down. We also believe she is preggers.

Meet Willie--the father of the possible baby Gracie will have. They are in love and you cant separate them. If you do, Willie goes nuts. Also, he will most likely be losing those nuts very soon.

This is Orso. He is Lucky's newest friend. Sorry about the penis being out, at the time I didnt realize he was so excited.

One of our black chickens.

Sweet little Jasper the donkey. He is the biggest baby I have ever seen and I think he is just beautiful. I love him. When I go outside and he sees me he comes running and he yells the whole way.

The cock of the walk. He is about 3 years old and pretty much rules the chicken yard.

The ducks. They are fun to watch. When I go out and change the water in their pool they play and play and play.

As always, my Lucky. Notice she is no longer chained and she is sooooo happy. She has only killed one chicken and I think that was by accident. She just played with it a little too hard. We are learning not to do that anymore.

This is just a few. We have a lot more horses and I am going to take more photos. There are two more horses where these animals are - which is the pasture in the backyard. We have 2 other locations with horses and I cant wait to share these horses with you. Oh, and we have 2 doves also that I will get pictures of. They are really sweet babies too.

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