Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wagon

As much as I love the horses I know I will never actually ride one. I just cant get rid of the fear of climbing on the back of an animal and trusting it to do what I tell it to. Petting the horse is good enough for me. I love talking to them, feeding them, and loving on them.

Yesterday I got a new experience with the horses. Rosie to be exact. Rosie if one of my favorites and she has learned to pull the wagon. Lester and I got her hooked up and we took off down the road for an hour and half wagon ride. The sun was shining, a little breeze in the air and fall colors everywhere. I had a Smirnoff's Green Apple Ice (well a six pack) and it was totally awesome! I loved it! I think I am addicted to it.

As we road Lester pointed out different peoples houses and told me stories about growing up. Cars drove by and people waved. Rosie was not disturbed by the traffic at all. Dogs followed us for a bit when we would pass by the yard. One mother had her toddler outside and it was a big thrill for that baby. A little girl ran out and watched screamed "Have a nice day!"

It didnt seem like an hour and a half. But it was great. Rosie did great, Lester is great and life is great.

Kinda scares me a little.

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