Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peace In My Life

My first week in my new place has come and gone. It feels so wonderful. I absolutely love it here. I feel like a blanket has been wrapped around me and I am safe and secure. This has been better than I ever thought it would be. It is quiet, fun, beautiful and entertaining. Lester is the bomb and Alvaro is quiet but I can tell I can depend on him whenever I need to.

I got moved in in record time and once I was all settled in I discovered my love for the back porch. It looks out over the pastures with the chickens roaming around. Jasper the donkey and Poncho the mule are always around. They start braying when I come out begging for me to come pet them. If I walk out there they follow me around like dogs. We have a miniature pony named Willie and he is a doll. The other horses are at a nearby location but they get brought down to the house often. However, I think they will stay where they are for the winter. The ducks swim in their pools and they are interesting to watch.

I look forward to going home everyday. Who would have though that my loner attitude would be so content with living with two other people? But I am. Strangely enough I am. They both seem so happy to have me here and I feel as if I have been here forever instead of just one week.

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can financially make ends meet and emotionally I have support from my friends. I certainly dont feel lonely anymore. It is impossible.

Life is good just for today.

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Hide.. Literally! said...

Just for today is better than nothing. I'm so happy for you! Take it all in and remember you are amazing! Love you!