Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There Are Bumps But you Keep Going


Miss Daisy

It has been a while since I posted last and there is a lot to say and I am wondering where to start. For one thing my life is so good. No, I havent gotten rich or anything like that. In fact, I have had a couple disappointments. But I am still extremely happy.

Living in the country with Lester has only gotten better. Everyday is fun. I am experiencing things I never thought I would or even considered experiencing. Lester is teaching me all about horses. I have begun to learn to train Daisy. Daisy is a half Belgian horse--she is almost two. Still a baby in the horse world. She was born and turned out to pasture with her mother and when Lester got her she was practically untouched by a human. She is learning to trust us and I am learning to get rid of my fear. I am not afraid of trained horses but an untrained one is afraid of me and that makes her skittish and she tends to want to do the opposite of what I want her to. Watching me try to get her to lead is very funny. Im pulling her and she is pulling me with her feet planted firmly on the ground. I have to win these battles or she gets the upper hand and I will never be able to do anything with her. I win, but I know I will have to do it all again the next day. She has these big feet that I am afraid she will kick me with. She hasnt ever done that, but you never know. Hopefully by the spring or summer she will be ready to hitch to the wagon and ride us around. If you have never ridden a wagon, you must do it sometimes because it is awesome! So addicting.

Rosie pulls the wagon right now. We went riding on the wagon the other day. I had a beer in hand, a straw hat on and just relaxed while Lester drove. People would pass by in the cars and stare and wave us on. Funny thing about the country, everybody waves when you pass by whether you are in a car or on a wagon.

Everyday the horses have to be fed, the chickens, the dogs and the birds. It is quite a job because we have horses in three places right now. We got rid of some chickens, got some more with 24 hours and then got 18 Turkeys. All saved from being Thanksgiving dinner for somebody. Eventually we will pass the turkeys on to someone else, but they are interesting to watch.

I applied for a job at an insurance company the other day. The potential for more pay was huge. Not to mention this is what I love to do. The interview went extremely well and the pre-testing was a snap. I just knew I had it. But they check your credit. My credit sucks. When you lose a high paying job and then your house and two vehicles behind that, it hurts your credit not to mention you heart. I didnt get the job. I was only slightly disappointed. Any other time I would have been crushed. But I think that because I am so happy in my personal life, it was only a bump in the road. Besides, I can stay at Walmart. I have tons of friends there, Lester is there too and money isnt everything. I will keep trying for better jobs, but not until after the holidays.

The other horrible thing that has happened is one of my good friends Bethany died last week. She was 29 and lit a room up when she walked into it. A beautiful person and mother of 3 children. I can still hear her laughing at me. The last time I saw her she was doing just that. Bethany went to sleep on a Thursday night and woke up in heaven on Friday morning. She wasnt sick that anyone knew of. We all miss her really bad at work. It was so shocking and even after the funeral I found it hard to believe. I dont know when I will stop missing her. But I know she is laughing somewhere at all of us.

Life has set backs and I have experienced many. But just for today they are only set backs and not the gripping catastrophe they used to be.

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