Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a Word Or Two

Well it seems like I never find time to blog anymore and I dont know the reason why. I think Facebook may be replacing my blog thoughts. I never thought it would but I am on Facebook more than any other thing. My profile page is now my home page on my computer. Im a little obsessed with it.

I wanted to blog today because I have some things on my mind. I am mad at Lester for the first time. It is really no big deal except that I am mad. Over little things that in the end makes no difference to anything. I do that a lot, let little things piss me off. He is just being a smart ass and I over look that most of the time because people arent perfect, especially myself. But he can be a bitch and has been here lately and this conversation threw me over the edge I had been holding onto.

Last night we were just talking about he stroller recall where babies are getting hurt. Well he made the comment that nothing like that ever happened with his kids because he was so overprotective when they were little. He said one time his wife cut his little girls fingernail into the quick and it bled and that was it for accidents when they were babies. (How lucky he was as a parent! SARCASM) Then I made the comment that you could just bite their little nails when they needed cutting and it would not go into the quick. Well--that set him off. He said did I think he didnt know that?? I just looked at him and said well I was just saying that was what we did. He saidI raised two kids I think I know these things and you think you just know everything!!!!!!

WHAT AN ASS HOLE COMMENT! It took me by surprise! I just responded that I was just trying to have a conversation and just forget it. Then I thought about getting up and going to my room but I stayed and didnt talk anymore. He knew I was pissed--he tried to talk to me after but he got very little (but polite and distant) response from me.

I am pissed. Over almost nothing but it pissed me off and he is going to get a real good letting alone for few hot minutes. If he makes the mistake of asking me what is wrong I am going to tell him he hurt my feelings and I thought he was being a bitch to me. I am also going to tell him that in order for me to avoid his bitch wrath that I wont be talking a whole lot or contributing anything I know to a conversation. Period. From this day forward I dont know a damn thing about anything.

I will get over it, but it hurt my feelings and it is still stinging this morning.

So that is why I blogged today. I needed to get it out of my mind and on paper.

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