Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

It has been really weird lately. It is like things around the house are changing and I guess that could be a good thing. But for me change is almost always somewhat painful. Me and the roommate have many common bonds and here lately we seem to have found the differences also.

Lately I have been miffed, angry and distant and I know that he has too. It has gone mostly unspoken. Just last night I realized the dogs hadnt been fed. Please know that I expect no one to feed the dogs, they just always have been since I lived there. But last night I asked and he said he thought I would have ed them that morning. So I fed them. And they got in a fight. They never do that so it made me wonder when the last time it was they had gotten fed. So I asked if they had been fed the day before and was told he thought I would have fed them. These past few days I have worked evenings and havent even been home at feeding time. So no, I hadnt fed them and obviously no one else had either. I feel like if you dont feed them just let me know and I will. But to say nothing is unacceptable! So I was angry. But I didnt say anything.

There as been a lot of not talking lately that is not normal for me and Lester. When we do talk it is almost like it annoys him. At least that is how I feel. We can be talking about anything and it seems like he is annoyed. So I stop talking. Been spending a lot of time in my room.

Not sure what is going on. Not sure why it is going on. But Im pretty sure it will all come out eventually. I love him to death and it hurts me and bothers me that something is wrong and when I dont know what it is I cant fix it. But so far I havent had the guts to approach the situation. I have just been hoping it would go away.

I guess everyday cant be a sunny day!

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Anonymous said...

Lynnbug, where you been GF? We miss your posts as they represent all of our struggle through the mundane and everyday obstacles of life. If you could post something that confirms Lester hasn't disposed of you with the farm animals (or vice versa) I'd rest easier. Hope to read more of you soon,