Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet Honey

On March 31, 2010, we had a wonderful surprise in the early morning hours. Mary Elizabeth had her baby! Mary Elizabeth is one of Lester's miniature ponies. This is the first miniature pony that Lester has bred. It was so exciting. Tons of pictures were made and below is just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone in the community came by and had their look.

There was a problem though. At first we didnt realize how big the problem was. Well, we knew it wasnt good but felt like we could get the problem solved. This was Mary Elizabeth's first baby and she wouldnt take her baby. She hated her baby. As long as we stood over her she would feed it. But she always kept trying to kick it and bite it. We were determined to turn this around and it has been done in the past. It was going to be a big job but from what I have learned sometimes these things happen.

Mary Elizabeth didnt get much of a chance to bond with the baby. When the baby was born we werent there and the neighbors (well meaning) went up and saw the baby was born and that the other horses were curious. This baby was very tiny. VERY tiny. Miniatures are. So, they took a towel and washed the baby off and took it to their house and called Lester. I dont think that was the best move and things went down hill from there. Mary Elizabeth need the horses removed from the area so she could quietly get to know her child.

This pony was so sweet. She let you hold her. In hind sight I think we should have found that to be a red flag. It isnt natural for a horse to lie in your lap. But we were so thrilled with her and we wanted to love and pet her as much as possible. Mary Elizabeth could have cared less. She did not want to be a Momma. Not at all.

So we spent the entire day with Mary Elizabeth and her baby, we named her Honey. We had a ton of fun. After that we went home to eat dinner. Lester went back to check on the situation and it wasnt good. The baby was lethargic and had diarrhea really bad. He called the vet and raced to meet her with Honey. Unfortunately Honey died on the way. The vet said she had a bacteria that sometimes a pony gets when it is born. With her being so small there wasnt much that could be done. Plus when we add the months up that Mary Elizabeth was pregnant, she had that baby early. Honey went down really fast.

Enjoy the pictures. While it is sad she didnt live long, we did have that one great day with her.

Honey with Mary Elizabeth.

Honey sitting in a neighbor's lap taking a nap.

Lester was so proud and happy.

Honey was laid to rest in the ealy morning hours of April 1, 2010. She is buried in the pet cemetary on the farm.

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